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The National Beverages Company covers 200 social cases at Dunya’s Clinic for Early detection for breast and gynecological cancers
NBC covered 200 social cases at Dunya Women’s Cancer Clinic, one of HWC centers, for medical examination for early breast and gynecological cancers.
Dr. Maslamani-The Medical and Administrative Director, stated that NBC’s donation will be used for covering the breast and gynaecological medical examinations for 200 social cases distributed from all of governorates in the West Bank for the period of June 2014 until the end of the year.
She also added that those social cases will benefit from the early diagnosis that is provided by the center for breast and gynaecological cancers and this issue will assist many women avoid those types of cancer. Studies confirm that the percentage of recovery from the disease is 9 out of 10 in the cases of discovering the disease.
Dr. Maslamani appraised the role of NBC, which has a strong relationship with the center. She also praised the initiative of NBC, which is considered the first of its kind in providing support to the center and the social cases. She also emphasised that the center is considered the one and only in Palestine that is for all Palestinians to alleviate their pain.
Mr. Imad Al Hindi-The General Director of NBC-confirmed that the company supports the early detection of cancer for women in cooperation with Dunya Women’s Cancer Clinic in the framework of the commitment of the company to its social responsibilities toward the society and in particular, vulnerable women who do not have the ability to cover the costs of those tests because of the bad economic situation.
Al Hindi explained that he is pleased to keep the cooperation with Dunya’s Clinic because it is the only clinic in Palestine that is specialised in this field. He also praised Dunya’s role in spreading awareness for Palestinian women about the importance of early detection of breast and gynaecological cancer. HWC thanked NBC for their continuous support to the center.