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Health Work Committee conducted two meetings with the local organizations in Tubas and Qalqelia

 HWC conducted a meeting with the cooperation of the local organizations in Qalqelia and another meeting in Al Shifa’ Clinic in Tubas. The aim of those meetings is to confirm the importance of the cooperation of the community and the ways of possible cooperation in the coming campaign for early diagnosis of breast cancer.

More than 18 local organizations have participated in the event. Those organizations are specialized in health, women, education and others. Dr. Maslamani-The Medical and Administrative Director of Dunya Women’s Cancer Clinic started the meeting by speaking about the importance of early diagnosis of breast cancer and the role of self examination. In addition to the various diagnostic tests that are needed for detecting breast cancer. Dr. Maslamani proceeded by mentioning that the awareness campaign is very important for protecting women from this disease.
Hanan Abou Ghosh-The Director of Women’s Health Program in HWC, spoke about the importance of enhancing the role of local organizations in participating in the breast cancer awareness campaign. In addition to the awareness lectures in other subjects specialized in women’s health such as pregnant women, sexual transmitted diseases, and family planning.
The audience has participated in the cooperation in organizing lectures and workshops for different organizations and groups. In addition to transferring the social cases that are in need for Dunya’s services. The awareness and diagnostic campaign for early diagnosis on breast cancer within the project of Empowering Palestinian Women in the reproductive and sexual health in Qalqilya, Tubas, and what is funded by ACSUR- The Spanish Organization.