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Dunya Women's Cancer Clinic has finalized its Preparations for Launching October's Awareness Campaign for Breast Cancer Early Detection
Dunya Women's Cancer Clinic, one of Health Work Committees center, has finished its preparations for launching October's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, which is an international campaign that is launched every year in October.
The campaign that starts in October will include many activities such as hanging pink ribbons on the Center's building and the streets with the cooperation of the local community, schools, and universities. In addition to the distribution of flyers that explains more about the disease and the center as well as a musical show done at Plaza Mall in Al bireh city, where Brochures and pink ribbons will be handed to attendees to spread the knowledge of early breast cancer detection.
The campaign will also include many activities and workshops for women, which will be conducted  at HWC's clinics and other organizations in different governorates. There will be a media campaign that will include TV and radio spots, which will be played on different channels. Posters and billboards will also be spread all over and in different areas.  
The center will provide free of charge early screenings exams for social cases during the campaign, which is the fourth one done by the center. In spite of the number of deaths caused by cancer, the recovery rate is nine cases out of ten if detected early. According to the statistics of The Palestinian Ministry of Health in 2013, 401 women were diagnosed with breast cancer, 100 cases from those  were diagnosed at Dunya since 2011.
The awareness campaigns that were launched by the center have contributed in spreading awareness among women and encouraged them to check early especially the poor and marginalized ones. 1000 social cases were covered for free at Dunya.
The awareness campaigns have contributed in spreading awareness among women, which led to an increase in getting early detections of breast cancer, which means a high percentage of cure rate. Dunya will enhance its activities during the campaign because of the importance of early detection of breast cancer. The percentage of cure can get to 98 % if detected early.

70 % of the cases can be detected by women themselves during the self examination and 80 % of the breast tumors are benign so every women is advised to do the self examination routinely and monthly and the annual clinical examination through the ultrasound and the mammogram especially for women 40 years old and older.