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Dunya Women’s Cancer Clinic receives a delegation from the Arabic Islamic bank

 A delegation from the Arabic Islamic Bank headed by Mr. Bilal Abu Radi-The Head of development Branches and Liabilities along with Mr. Ahmad Sartawi-The Director of Research and Planning Department, visited Dunya’s Center. The meeting was conducted with Dr. Maslamani-The Administrative and Medical Director of Dunya, Ms. Nida’ Ya’eesh  from the Public Relations Department, Ms. Islam Abou Ghosh, Mr. Khaled Faqih-The Head of Media Department -HWC, and Mr. Bassam Rabah-The Friend of Dunya.

Dr. Maslamani talked about the center and its services. Dunya was established on March 8th, 2011 as the first specialized center in Palestine. Since its establishment, 3400 women were diagnosed, 200 of which had benign tumors and more than 100 had cancer. 
Dr. Maslamani added that the diagnosis done at the center focuses on three basic tests. The first one is the self examination, the second one is the mammogram, and the third one is the ultra sound. The center has a great team and sometimes we seek the opinion of other specialists.
Dr. Maslamani has stated that breast cancer can be defeated in the case of early detection and that is what HWC and the center are aiming towards through campaigns that start in October in HWC clinics and other national agencies and universities.
And at the end, the delegation took a round around the center to view all of its sections and services.