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Awareness Lecture at Al Badan
Dunya Women’s Cancer Clinic/HWC has conducted an awareness lecture about breast cancer early detection in cooperation with Health Work Committee on the 24th of March, 2015 in Al Badan-Nablus. The attendees were around 18 ladies.
At the beginning, Dr. Maslamani welcomed the participants from the NDC and the attendees and thanked them for coming. She also thanked HWC’s clinic that conducted the lecture at Al Badan Clinic. She also pressed an emphasis on the importance of communication and cooperation with the society and Dunya’s center. Dr. Maslamani has indicated that NDC and the World Bank are covering the diagnostic costs for social cases so that everyone can get high quality health services.
Ms. Tahani Al Qaisi-HWC, Nablus gave the awareness lecture. She talked about Breast Cancer, its symptoms, and the ways to detect it early. She focused on the importance of the manual self examination, in which women can detect any change in their breast and that is the first step in fighting the disease.
Ms. Al Qaisi has indicated that 9 out of 10 is the percentage of cure from Breast Cancer in case of early detection. She has encouraged women to be strong and get diagnosed since 80 % of the lumps are considered benign. She also stated that Dunya’s Center is a nonprofit center that runs all of the diagnostic tests for breast and gynecological tumors in affordable prices.
Ms. Al Qaisi has also indicated that the center does an annual breast cancer campaign where the community supports paying the costs of the diagnostic tests for the needy. At the end she added that breast cancer can be controlled with hope and early detection. There was also a question and answer session for the audience.
A list of the names of the women who will do a mammogram at Dunya’s center will be sent to Dunya’s staff to make appointments for them.
Ms. Rula Kurd-NDC- did a score card session after the lecture with the audience by asking questions about the benefits of the lecture and the influence of covering the detection costs on women. 

Ms. Al Qaisi thanked HWC, and the audience for their concern in such an important issue.