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A Meeting with Mr. Ewis-The Head of American Federation of Ramallah

Dunya Women’s Cancer Clinic conducted a meeting with Mr. Bassam Ewis-The Head of the American Federation of Ramallah, Ms. Nijmeh Ghanem-a member of the federation, and Mr. Isis-a member of the Federation at Dunya on the 21st of April, 2015. The meeting was held with Dr. Maslamani and Ms. Abou Ghosh from Dunya’s center.

During the meeting the members were briefed about Dunya’s unique activities ever since it was established. Considering that Dunya is the one and only center that provides breast cancer early detection exams in Palestine.  
The discussion of the meeting included the possible ways to improve the center through providing advanced machines and other needs for the center, as well as training the staff to improve its skills.
This meeting is considered the second meeting with Mr. Ewis, who was interested in the center and the unique services it offers. He also promised to support the center in every possible way to improve the services provided to Palestinians.
Mr. Ewis donated 2000 USD and not to forget that the federation has donated the same amount in 2014.
At the end, Dr. Maslamani thanked Mr. Ewis and the members of the federation for coming and for their donation, and pressed emphasis on the importance of cooperating with the local community to support the center.